Fugitive Recordings
P.O. Box 12698
Seattle WA 98111
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Fugitive Recordings is a Seattle-based independent record label. Fugitive is the current home for local artists Presidents of the United States of America and Campfire Ok, and is the former home for artists Dolour and The Divorce.

Media Inquiries

For information about upcoming releases and other media inquiries, email press@fugitiverecordings.com.

Licensing Inquiries

Our music is represented by Rogue Octopus. Any licensing questions can be emailed to licensing@rogueoctopus.com.

Shopping Inquiries

Product purchases can be made on iTunes, Amazon.com, at local record stores, and other similar venues.

General Inquiries

For any and all other questions, please contact info@fugitiverecordings.com.

Demo Submissions

All submissions can be mailed to our P.O. Box address or info@fugitiverecordings.com. Include a minimum of three songs, a brief biography, and any additional information you’d like us to know. We do our best to listen to each submission and will contact you if interested. And unfortunately no, we will not accept in-person demo submissions.

Seriously, don’t do that. Taylor will kill you (after he gives you a tour of the office).